Research Papers

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Submissions, revisions & working papers

C. Cotton, B. Hickman and J. Price, Incentive Provision in Investment Contests: Theory and Evidence (the new version of Affirmative Action and Human Capital Investment: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment, NBER Working Paper w20397)
–press: Quartz, FiveThirtyEight and Chronicle of Higher Education

G. Canavire-Bacarreza, C. Cotton, M. Jetter, and A. Montoya Agudelo, Polarized Education Level and Civil War

M. Agranov, C. Cotton and C. Tergiman, History Dependence in Repeated Bargaining (this paper replaces Persistence of Power: Repeated Multilateral Bargaining)

R. Boleslavsky, B. Carlin and C. Cotton, Competing for Capital: Auditing and Credibility in Financial Reporting, NBER working paper w23273

A. Nordstrom and C. Cotton, The impact of severe droughts on the education at-risk youth in Zimbabwe

C. Cotton, E. Richter, J. Nanowski and A. Nordstrom, Can empowering at-risk girls improve math performance? Evidence from rural Zimbabwe

C. Cotton, B. Kashi, Z. Kurzawa, and N. Mazurkewich, More pills are not enough: The importance of health provider training in a prenatal supplement program in Bangladesh

L. Corazzini, C. Cotton and T. Reggiani, Delegation and coordination with multiple threshold public goods

Published & forthcoming articles

C. Cotton and C. Li, Clueless Politicians: On Policymaker Incentives for Information Acquisition in a Model of LobbyingJournal of Law, Economics & Organizations, forthcoming in vol 34, 2018.

C. Cotton, F. McIntyre, A. Nordstrom and J. Price, Correcting for bias in hot hand analysis: Analyzing performance streaks in youth golf,  Journal of Economic Psychology, forthcoming.

R. Boleslavsky and C. Cotton, Limited capacity in project selection: Competition through evidence production, Economic Theory, 65: 385-421, 2018.

R. Boleslavsky, C. Cotton and H. Gurnani, Demonstrations and price competition in new product releaseManagement Science, 63: 2016-2026, 2017.

C. Cotton and A. Dellis, Informational lobbying and agenda distortionJournal of Law, Economics & Organizations, 32: 762-793, 2016
–summary at Economics and Policy

C. Cotton, Competing for attention: Lobbying time-constrained politicians, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 18: 642–665, 2016

L. Corazzini, C. Cotton and P. Valbonesi, Donor coordination in project funding: Evidence from a threshold public goods experimentJournal of Public Economics, 128: 16-29, 2015

R. Boleslavsky and C. Cotton, Grading standards and education qualityAmerican Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 7: 248-279, 2015
–press: AEA Research HighlightVoxEU

R. Boleslavsky and C. Cotton, Information and extremism in electionsAmerican Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 7:165-207, 2015
–press: Washington PostInternational Business Times, Inverse, PsychCentral, MilenioDiscovery News

C. Cotton, C. Li, F. McIntyre and J. Price, Which explanations for gender differences in competition are consistent with a simple theoretical model?Journal of Behavioral & Experimental Economics, 59: 56-67, 2015

S. Campos, C. Cotton and C. Li, Deterrence effects under Twombly: On the costs of increasing pleading standards in litigationInternational Review of Law and Economics, 44: 61-71, 2015

C. Cotton and C. Li, Profiling, screening and criminal recruitment, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 17: 964-985, 2015

C. Cotton, Submission fees and response times in academic publishing, American Economic Review, 103(1): 501-09, 2013

C. Cotton, F. McIntyre and J. Price, Gender differences in repeated competition: Evidence from school math contests, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 86: 52-66, 2013
–press: VoxEU, Forbes, Huffington Post

C. Cotton, Pay to play politics: Informational lobbying and contribution limits when money buys access, Journal of Public Economics, 96: 369-386, 2012

C. Cotton and C. Liu, 100 horsemen and the empty city: A game theoretic exploration of deception in Chinese military legend, Journal of Peace Research, 48(2): 217-223, 2011
–press: U.S. News & World Report

C. Cotton, Should we tax or cap political contributions? A lobbying model with policy favors and accessJournal of Public Economics, 93: 831-842, 2009 (lead article)

C. Cotton, Multiple bidding in auctions as bidders become confident of their private valuations, Economics Letters, 104(3): 148-150, 2009

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