old titles

I have an unfortunate habit of changing the titles of my papers after releasing them as working papers. If you are looking for a paper that you don’t see on my research page, below is a list of old papers titles, and the corresponding current title.

To download the newest versions, return to my research page.

“Incentive Provision in Investment Contests: Theory and Evidence” was the temporary title for what was initially and is once again “Affirmative action and human capital investment: Evidence from a randomized field experiment”

“Dynamic Legislative Bargaining with Endogenous Agenda Setting Authority” has evolved into “Persistence of Power: Dynamic Multilateral Bargaining,” now coauthored with Marina Agranov and Chloe Tergiman.

Competing for the attention of decision makers” is now “Competing for attention: Lobbying time-constrained politicians” published in JPET

“Grade inflation and education quality” is now “Grading standards and education quality” published in AEJ: Micro

“Too many charities? Insight from an experiment with multiple public goods and contribution thresholds” is now “Donor coordination in project funding: Evidence from a threshold public goods experiment” published in JPubE

“Gender differences in competition: A theoretical assessment of the evidence” is now “Which explanations for gender differences in competition are consistent with a simple theoretical model?” published in JBEE

“Pleading standards and deterrence” is now “Deterrence effects under Twombly: On the costs of increasing pleading standards in litigation” published in IRLE

“Gender differences disappear with exposure to competition” and “The Gender Gap Cracks Under Pressure: A Detailed Look at Male and Female Performance Differences During Competitions” (NBER working paper 16436) are now “Gender differences in repeated competition: Evidence from school math contests” published in JEBO

“Access fees in politics” is now “Pay to play politics: Informational lobbying and contribution limits when money buys access” published in JPubE

“The hot hand, competitive experience, and performance differences by gender” has been greatly changed and is now the “Correcting for the bias in hot hand analyses: Performance streaks in youth golf tournaments” working paper

“Dynamic legislative bargaining with endogenous agenda setting authority” is now “Persistence of power” working paper